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Here you will find a comprehensive list of credit card offers from major banks and credit card issuers. Our website is well organized, enabling you to find the credit card that fits your specific needs with ease. Whatever your current situation is, we have credit card applications for you.

Best Credit Cards
Best Choice for Fair Credit
Credit Cards for Bad Credit
Ideal Credit Card for Limited or No Credit
Discover® Card
Discover it®
Discover it®
  • 0% intro APR on purchases & balance transfers for 14 months-then a variable purchase APR applies, currently 10.99% - 22.99%. A 3% fee applies to each transferred balance.
  • Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by over 4,000 cardmembers.±
  • No annual fee, no late fee for your first late payment - APR won´t go up for us paying late, no overlimit fee and no foreign transaction fee.±
Barclaycard® Rewards MasterCard® - Average Credit
  • No annual fee.
  • Earn 2 points per $1 on gas, grocery, and utility purchases and 1 point per $1 everywhere else.
  • Use the points you earn like cash to pay for almost any purchases you′ve made.
Horizon Card Services
Horizon Gold Credit Card
Horizon Gold Credit Card
  • Must have Active Debit Card or Credit Card to qualify.
  • $500 Credit Limit.
  • No Credit Check.
Capital One® Platinum Credit Card
  • Start with no annual fee for the first year; $19 after that.
  • Get access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time.
  • Fraud coverage if your card is lost or stolen.
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Selected cards:

The Longest 0% APR Period for Balance Transfer

  • Get 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers and Purchases for 18 months. After that, the APR will be 11.99%-21.99% based upon your creditworthiness.26
  • There is a balance transfer fee of either $5 or 3% of the amount of each transfer.

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This Credit Offer is Only for People with Excellent Credit History.

Have Bad or No Credit History? Click Here! Fair Credit? Click Here!

Search and Compare • Credit Card Types:

Low Interest Credit Cards

Here you will find the best credit cards with low APRs on balance transfers and purchases. Many of these cards also have introductory period offers.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

These credit card offers will help you save money by transferring your current balance to a new credit card with a lower interest rate or even a 0% introductory rate.

No Annual Fee Credit Cards

Choose from the best credit cards that have no annual fee.

Instant Decision Credit Cards

Instant decision credit cards will allow you to find out if you are approved in minutes. Compare their features, benefits, and rewards and apply online.

Cards for Excellent Credit

If you make your payments on time and your credit utilization is under 30%, your credit score is likely over 750. Consider credit card offers specifically designed for applicants with excellent credit.

Cards for Good Credit

If you tend to pay your bills on time, but have made a few mistakes in the past your credit score is likely between 660 and 749. Consider credit card offers specifically designed for applicants with good credit.

Cards for Fair Credit

If you pay late from time to time or have a large amount of debt, your credit score is probably between 620 and 659. Consider credit card offers specifically designed for applicants with fair credit.

Cards for Bad Credit

Your Credit score is between 350 — 619 which means you have missed payments or have high debt, or both. Consider card offers specifically designed for applicants with bad credit and apply online.

Cards for Limited / No Credit

If you haven`t had a credit card account or taken out a loan then there are probably no records in your credit history. Consider card offers specifically designed for applicants with limited or no credit.

Airline Credit Cards

These credit cards are an excellent choice for frequent flyers. Earn airline miles or travel rewards points and redeem them for free air tickets and/or hotel stays.

Cash Back Credit Cards

You can earn cash back on what you charge on your rewards credit card. Usually you can earn 1% on all purchases, but sometimes there are bonus categories that rotate throughout the year and allow you to earn more.

Gas Credit Cards

Gas credit cards offer rebates on gas purchases. Choose the best credit card for your needs and when you use it to fill up at the pump you will earn cash back on money spent on gasoline.

Hotel Rewards Credit Cards

Hotel chains offer branded credit cards that allow you to earn points for stays and purchases and redeem them for free hotel room nights.

Consumer Credit Cards

Look through the best consumer credit cards to compare their features, benefits and rewards to find the one that is right for you.

Small Business Credit Cards

Manage your business expenses and cash flow better with small business credit cards. Get cash back rebates on things you buy for your office and get special offers for your type of business.

Student Credit Cards

If you are a college student, a student credit card is helpful to start building your credit history. Enjoy rewards in the form of cash back, travel, merchandise, and more.

Prepaid and Debit Cards

Load your Visa® or MasterCard® prepaid card with money and spend what you have on your card without getting into debt.

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Q: I want a credit card with a lower interest rate and higher limit to consolidate the two cards I currently have with Capital One.

A: You can apply for a balance transfer credit card like the Discover it card. It has an 18-month 0% interest introductory period on balance transfer. This long introductory period will allow you to transfer balances partially in case the credit limit on your new card won'[...]

Q: I'm looking for a card that will allow me to consolidate several of my credit cards into one payment with a 0% APR. Please advise what card I can appl

A: You can apply for the Discover it card. The card has a long 0% interest introductory period. You will have 18 months to pay off your balances. There is no annual fee and the first late payment won’t raise your APR. Check your credit scores before you apply for the[...]

Q: How do I find out the status of my card? And if it has been mailed out to me yet?

A: The overall process of getting a credit card can take up to 30 business days. To know the status of your credit card applications you should contact the credit card issuer. A quick online search for the bank or credit card issuer's name should turn up a customer service[...]

On this website you will find some of the best credit card offers available. There are many benefits of having a credit card. Two of the biggest advantages are convenience and security. You can make purchases and payments with your card rather than carrying around cash or transferring money from your checking or savings account to pay a bill. You can also track your purchases and manage your money with online tools.

Using a credit card is one of the most effective ways to build credit. By making monthly payments on-time and keeping your account balances low relative to the credit limit, you can build a strong credit history. Having a good credit score will enable you to qualify for lower rates on mortgages, loans, and other credit cards.

Depending on your needs, we have credit card applications for the average consumers, students, and business owners.

We have organized the credit card applications by credit score. Whether you have limited or no credit history, a bad credit score, or a good to excellent score, our site can help you find the best offers available.

A special section of our website is for residents of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Belgium. You can apply for cards issued from British, Canadian, and Belgian banks.

± Click apply for Terms & Conditions.
26 See the Citi card terms and conditions online.
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