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Credit Card eZine - News and Articles about Credit Cards

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Credit Card Deals That Help to Make the Earth Better


It's amazing how creative lenders may be! They spare no effort to find an effective consumer driven ploy. And we must accept the fact that some ideas have become a real success. An excellent example can be rewards and affinity plastics that are extremely popular nowadays. Increasingly, credit rewards are turning green, meaning ethical ideas appear to be rather attractive for cardholders. Let's take a closer look at green credit cards and find out what opportunities they give you.

Just like other businesses, credit card companies are also going green. It's no surprise judging by the growing environmental threats. Global warming, carbon dioxide emissions, and endangered species are just a few environmental problems that exist now. And credit issuers help to settle some problems in their own way.

Environmentally friendly plastics are rewards credit cards that enable you to donate some portion of your purchase to a green cause. Typically, it's about 1% for the dollar spent. Oftentimes, these contributions go to a general fund that distributes money among various programs. However, there are cards that donate to some specific projects.

If you are concerned about some environmental problem, you may look for credit card deal that suits your ethical goal. Most obviously, you will find the card that suits your goals. For instance, the Bright Planet Visa credit card from Bank of America gives cardholders an opportunity to support renewable energy projects.

With this card, you will earn Earth Smart points, and 1,000 bonus points will fund approximately one ton of carbon dioxide offsets. Get 1,000 bonus points after the first card use and 1,000 points on top of that signing up for paperless credit card statements. Not bad, really!

The other example of environmentally cautious creditors may is Wells Fargo. Its rewards credit cards also support the development of green power. Substantial contributions will definitely give a stimulus to renewable-energy projects.

Like the most rewards credit cards, green credits come with higher interest rates in comparison with other types of plastics. However, this difference is so slight that credit users are quite satisfied with their eco-friendly plastics.

It's worth mentioning that green cards stand out in the array of various plastics. Tedious travel credit cards seem to have no effect on credit users, while green cards have become a trendy credit product.

Probably, the best thing is to realize that you contribute to good causes. While making everyday purchases, you may be sure that your money will work. In other words, it can be a good investment to the wealth of our planet, to the future of ours and our kids. Isn't it great to realize that you are doing something for the environment?

Yet, one may have reasonable doubts whether these green cards are so effective or it's just much ado about nothing. The answer is "yes". Eco-friendly credit cards help a lot, and partnerships between credit issuers and world environmental organizations happen to be extremely fruitful.

A heap of work can be done with green credit card donations, and representatives of the world environmental organizations acknowledge the fact that this money really works, and this financial aid is really essential for these organizations.

All in all, green plastics give us a good chance to prove our good intentions and demonstrate our devotion to the environment.

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[Sunday, December 18, 2011]
Chase Bank recently announced the redesign of its Visa credit cards - allowing more space on the front for the Chase logo. This new design is in trial mode currently but Visa has pans to roll out its new design to other financial institutions in order to increase the branding and logo visibility of the individual issuing banks.
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[Friday, October 28, 2011]
Debit and credit: they`re both plastic, why not consolidate them? The Cinncinati-based Fifth Third Bank, is the first to offer the DuoMasterCard which consolidates both a checking and a credit card account into one card.
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[Wednesday, September 21, 2011]
It really pays when you do the right thing. Take credit cards for instance, having a clean credit profile really does help. Those who managed to maintain a squeaky clean credit report during the recession can now jump with joy, as they will get some of the best deals from credit card issuers.
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