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HIGH LIMIT Credit Card Applications

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These Credit Offers are for People with Fair or Bad Credit History.

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Group One Freedom Card
  • Bad Credit, Low Score? No Problem!
  • Managing your credit is key! TRY US RISK-FREE FOR 7 DAYS!
  • Receive a $750 Credit Line*
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Milestone® Mastercard®
  • Prequalify for a card today and it will not impact your credit score
  • Less than perfect credit is okay
  • 24/7 access to your account information, even on mobile
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  • Up to $10,000 deposited to your bank account, if approved
  • Get funds as soon as the net business day
  • Fast, Safe, and Convenient - all online!
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Fit Mastercard® Credit Card
  • $400 credit limit doubles to $800! (Simply make your first 6 monthly minimum payments on time)
  • All credit types welcome to apply
  • Monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus
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First Access Visa® Solid Black Credit Card
First Access Visa® Solid Black Credit Card
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Your Credit Card Limit

Your credit rating is the major factor which determines the interest rates and fees and the credit limit of your credit card. Thus, we can conclude that the amount of your credit limit testifies to your welfare and reliability. How does the bank estimate your eligibility for a credit card and how is the credit limit assigned?

When making a decision upon issuing a credit card to a consumer, the bank evaluates the two basic features. How much risky is lending money to this applicant? How much money is the applicant able to pay back? To answer these questions, the credit card company looks through the customer`s credit report and looks at his income, state of previous credit lines and some other things. If you had been accurate with your credit cards and loans and paid everything out in full and on time, the bank trusts you and agrees to give a credit card with low interest rate. If you have a decent annual income, the bank extends a credit line according to the amount you can afford to pay off. This is why people are working hard to be eligible for the lowest interest rates and higher credit limits! And it is really worth the trouble.

A high credit limit of your credit card means freedom, undoubtedly. You will not have to care about how much you spend at a department store or a restaurant - you are secured from going over the limit and considerable over-the-limit fees attached to this. An extensive credit limit is priceless in emergency cases, when you face unforeseen costly purchases, being in your home city or traveling abroad.

Unique Credit Card Deals for Good Credit -
More Than You Expected!

Credit card offers with high limits are appealing bank products, indeed. But, actually, these plastics are available for good and excellent credit only. So, why people are eager to get the advantage of an extensive credit limit, even if they are not going to spend thousands on their plastic? There is another attractive feature of large credit card limits. When considering your credit records, the bank takes a close look at the debt to credit ratio. That is, the more credit limit you have at the moment and the smaller part of it is used, the more positive credit profile you have. Say, if bank A has granted a considerable credit limit to you and you use it in a modest way, bank B looks at you as a very reliable applicant. Therefore, you can be offered a higher credit limit and lower interest rate by bank B.

Most credit issuing companies offer plastics with unique features for good and excellent credit score. And excellent credit card holders actually have great financial tools at their disposal! With a high limit credit card, you can spend as much as you want and win tremendous rewards - there are no boundaries for you. However, there are frugal consumers with no habit to spend a lot. For this type of consumers, a high credit limit is a matter of prestige. Thus, high credit limit plastics can speak about your status or well-being, but most of all they speak about your high creditworthiness, and therefore, your perfect credit profile.

No Pre-set Spending Limit on Good Credit Cards

Generally, a credit limit on a card depends on various factors, including your payment history, your credit activity, the way you pay off the balance, and others. Having good credit, you may review credit deals with no pre-set spending limit. How can you benefit from these cards?

First and foremost, you can set your own spending limit depending on your needs and financial habits. But there`s one thing that is obligatory when carrying plastics with no pre-set limit, i.e. you have to pay off your balance in full every month after receiving the monthly credit card statement.

We must accept the fact that having this luxury option of setting a spending limit is definitely great. However, this option shouldn`t be a pretext of spending more than you can afford. This card can stand you a good turn if you know how to use it wisely.

These deals have one tricky feature. Once your card issuer has no definite credit limit on your card, the highest balance on your pre-set limit card will be reported as your credit limit. And that`s the catch. You can easily max out your card, if you happened to charge a little sum on your plastic. The point is, your first charge on the card should be substantial enough so that you will not exceed this limit afterwards. Take advantage of the deals with no pre-set limit cards!

News about Credit Card

Banks to Help Make Credit Cards More Accessible

[Wednesday, September 29, 2021]

It has long been extremely difficult to be approved for a credit card, even a secured credit card, with no credit score. While some credit card issuers allow co-signers, many major issuers do not. Going forward, you may no longer need a credit score to qualify for a credit card. JPMorga[...] Read full story...

The latest question of Immediate Credit Card Care Service

At my local bank there was an advertisement that if one enrolls in Alaska airline credit card and spends $1000 in the first 3 months then a travel companion could fly free. Is this still in effect? Does it apply to international trips and 1st class? Does the flight need to be Alaska airlines/ Virgin airlines?

Currently, the Alaska Airlines credit card has the following offer: “Annual companion fare from $121 ($99, plus taxes and fees from $22) after you make $1,000 or more in purchases within the first 90 days of your account opening”. This benefit will qualify for a round-trip coach Companion Fare on Alaska Airlines when traveling with another passenger on a paid published coach airfare on the same itinerary, booked at the same time. However, this benefit applies to Visa Signature consumer accounts only. If you are approved for a Platinum Plus® account, you won’t qualify for this benefit. Please contact Alaska for more details.
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What Credit Limit Is Better for Improving Credit?

If you have credit that needs some improvement and you are not quite comfortable with it, you need to figure out the way to rebuild your credit. Is a card offer with high credit limit an appropriate tool for boosting your credit score? A high limit credit card is a great option for people with above average income. High limit gives you freedom. You are free to choose goods basing not on the "I can afford" criterion, but choose items of highest quality and the ones you really like. But a high credit limit is one of credit related cardinal virtues only until you are sure that you are able to pay off the money you borrowed. When your credit is not that strong and your financial resources are limited, you should better consider applying for a fair credit card. These offers do not give you high credit limit. This helps you to have your spending under control. Anyway, with such a card you will get a credit line enough to make all necessary purchases. Besides, bad, no and fair credit cards are designed specifically for borrowers experiencing financial difficulties. Among such deals you will find offers with special programs and services that help in credit card management.

Making Way Up from Low to High Credit Limit

In case you turned out to be in a difficult financial situation, and your credit does not let you qualify for a credit card with high limit, you still have a chance to get a high limit. Of course, it will not happen right away, but you can "earn" a good credit limit. Even if you can get a credit line as low as $300 at the moment, a few months later your limit can be higher. What is the key to credit limit increase? It is all about your credit card management skills. All you need to do is prove creditors that you are a reliable and trustworthy borrower, and credit line extension will not keep you waiting. Apply for a bad credit card and start improving your credit. Such offers come with special programs targeted to help build strong credit. They not just provide a credit card for you, they give you credit education. You can contact one of the issuing bank`s managers any time and consult with them on any credit related problem.

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