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Please call up the toll free number of a credit card issuer you are interested in and follow the instructions you will be given.

Answer ineed a credit card to pay my bills i keep getting denied every time they keep asking for credit scorei dont think thats fair idont want a depit card iwant a credit card

You should be aware of the fact that every time you apply for a credit card, a bank or a credit card company pulls out your credit report and it is always a hard hit. Hard hits stay on your credit card report for two years and during the first six months affect your credit score the most. As such, one or two hard hits a month won’t seriously affect your credit score, but five or six hard hits a month definitely will. Too many hard hits within a short period of time will show you are a risky borrower looking desperately for any credit. That may be a good reason for denial. Visit our web site to choose credit cards for your credit that you may be eligible for, wait a bit and apply online for the credit card of your choice. We do offer credit cards for any credit from no to excellent.

Answer How can I pay my credit card bill on line?

If you can access your credit card on the Internet you can pay through your card issuer’s web site. Another option to pay your credit card bills online is online Bill Pay.

Answer would like to cancel my application for the credit card. Don't have $00.00 fee, thank you

Please inform your credit card issuer.

Answer rating of 648 good, bad ??

If your score is 648, your credit is fair.

Answer Can I get a temporary shopping pass if I apply on line?

Temporary shopping pass usually goes with department store credit cards. Sorry, we do not offer department store cards.

Answer How can I apply for a credit card for home depot?

We do not offer the Home Depot credit cards, but at our web site you can consider and apply online for MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover also accepted at the Home Depot stores.

Answer looking for unsecure credit card my credit is fair and not that bad

Please, go to our page dedicated to credit cards for fair credit. Compare the fair credit cards we have on offer and decide on a card to apply online for. Be sure to find the right credit card to suit you best.

Answer howcome i haven'treceived my debit card yet?

Please contact your credit card issuer and ask them about your debit card.

Answer I was told my application was approved. Does that mean I got a credit card, and if so is it on the way?

If you were told your application was approved, it means you were approved for a credit card. Once you are approved, it usually takes 7 to 10 business days for your credit card to arrive in the mail.

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