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Answer here is my new email sddress

Please contact your credit card issuer and give them and not us this information. Note that it is very important.

Answer i need a credit card with no deposit for no or fair credit

You can take a closer look at the credit cards specifically aimed at no and fair credit. At our web site you will find the best credit cards within these categories. Compare the cards displayed side by side, make your choice and apply online. Please remember the lower your credit, the higher your APRs and the lower your credit limit.

Answer Can a Kenyan apply for this credit card?

At our web site we offer the US, UK, Canadian, and Belgian credit cards. You need your SSN to apply for these card offers.

Answer master card had mail me a debit card,how do i actived it?

No doubt, when you get a debit card in the mail you must activate it before use since debit cards are not activated when mailed. It is all about fraud protection. You can activate your debit card over the Internet or over the phone. Just call a customer service phone number listed on the front of your debit card or log in to your card issuer's web site and follow the instructions.

Answer a business credit card from AmEx

Visit our Business Credit Cards page at, compare the business credit card offers side by side, make your choice and apply online.


Nowadays many (if not all) credit card issuers allow their cardholders to check their credit card statements online. Visit the website of your credit card issuer and find out if such an option is provided. As it comes to sharing your account information online beware of phishing scam. You can also contact your credit card issuer to know for sure.

Answer my credit limit what does it depend on

It is up to your credit card issuers to decide what your credit card limit will be. And their decision on your credit limit depends largely on your credit rating. The better your credit rating, the higher your credit limit.

Answer looking for a business credit card to have my business name on

Nowadays most business credit cards allow their holders to imprint their company logo and emboss their company name on the front. So, visit our business credit card page, browse through the cards and find out about this benefit for particular cards you will be interested in.

Answer when will my instant decision card arrive?

This differs depending on the specific issuer but typically it takes about 3 to 7 business days for your instant decision card to arrive in the mail. Please, contact your credit card company, namely their customer service, and find out more about it.

Answer Do I need to sign any papers to purchase credit card insurance?

No, credit card insurance does not necessary require your signature. Very often your verbal “yes” is more than enough. So, just be careful what you agree to when signing up for a card. And one more thing, if you decide to purchase card insurance it is crucial to find out all the necessary information needed to cancel it beforehand.

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