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Answer I am 21 years old and live with my parents so I am finding it hard to fill out these applications, since it won't let me submit anything without filling out rent and etc. I dont pay rent. I am not sure what to do. I have existing credit cards with some of the same companies that offer skymiles so I am not sure if that would help. Any suggestions?

Do you want to apply for a credit card? If so, the only restriction that can be is that you`re underage or haven't got your social security number yet.Social security number is required every time, you`re filling out any of online bank credit card applications. You`re 21, and, as far as you`ve had some credit cards, you're sure to have credit score. Your credit score is determined by several factors: your payment history, amounts owed, length of your credit history, new credit and types of credit you`ve used. You can get your credit score from nationwide credit bureaus or at special website established for this purpose. Getting your credit score you`ll apply for a credit card, which you`re most likely to be approved for.
Answer what does unsecured card type mean?
Unsecured credit cards are regular cards, designed specially for people with less than perfect credit history. Unlike secured credit cards, they don't require a security deposit to the bank and have higher credit limits. Otherwise, you should have enough income as they charge higher fees and rates. The initial limit is generally low, and it will increase as long as the account is kept in good standing. While you make payments, banks report the information to the credit rating agencies, so these cards can help in building and rebuilding your credit. At our site you'll find the best unsecured credit cards from First Premier Bank for people with bad credit and no credit. Observe the terms and conditions of the card and choose the one that fits you most of all. Don't forget about checking your credit report before applying for an unsecured card.
Answer My address has recently changed, will this interfer with me getting a new card?
All the information significant for a bank or other financial institutions for considering you as their possible customer is included in your file at credit reporting agencies.
When you fill out an application for a credit card, either at the site or by phone or in the paper, you indicate you mailing address, that means the address where they will send the credit card to, and later the statements. If your credit history is available for soft inquiries, pre-approval can still be sent to your old address, but the credit card you fill out the application for will be sent to the indicated address.
Answer How do I apply for a credit increase?
If you made online credit card application, you`d certainly analyzed credit card terms and conditions, including the opportunity of credit limit increasing. If your credit card ensures such an opportunity, you can try to apply for credit line increasing. Should you decide to apply for credit increasing online, access your credit card issuer web-site and fill in respective application. Therein you'll supply your personal information, such as details of your current financial commitments, your current employer's information and some other data applicable. Naturally, you must have corresponding credit card, and meet all applicable assessment criteria, in other words, your account should be eligible and approved for credit line increase. The online procedure may take you about 5 or 10 minutes, and save your time greatly!
Answer I had paid someone to repair my credit. I will like to know will it help reduce my credit score. I will like to know how does it work.
To improve your credit score you should make a responsible use of your credit. The first thing you should do is get a copy of all three of your credit bureau reports. Look for any errors, corrections, or missing items and file a dispute as necessary. When you receive your credit report, you'll also receive information on how to file a dispute.
Consider whether you are making at least the minimum payment on your account. When you are out of debt, you can get a secured credit card and pay it off every month. And you still get credit for using your credit card, as companies generally report once a month, so you'll have a small balance even if it's going to be paid off. When you succeed with a secured credit card, you can turn to credit card offers for bad credit, then fair credit up to good credit history offers.

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Answer how can i fix my credit?
As far as it may come from your question, you want to know, what your credit score is. This decision is very reasonable for people who are going to apply for a credit card, while it ensures applying for a credit card, which you`re most likely to get, escaping credit card issuers? denials, hurting your score. Nowadays you can obtain your credit score from one of the national credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. You can also get your score through the official online source established for this purpose. If you mean, you`d like to establish your credit, you should regard bad/no credit cards and apply for one, which is the most convenient for you. You can start from getting secured credit card, requiring security deposit, and improve your credit eventually, transferring to unsecured credit card.
Answer I have letters of credit that reflect up to 9 yrs of expierence , however the letters are from individuals who
do not report to any of the three main credit reporting agencies. One of which is a monthly morgage on 3.5
acres of land I have purchased in march of this year.I cannot get credit any where, WHAT MUST I DO?
PLease let me know.Some of the letters are noterized.
The first thing you`re recommended to do is to order your credit report from nationwide credit bureaus: TransUnion, Experian and Equitax, which trace your credit history. Getting your credit report you`ll be aware of your current financial status. Then you`re recommended to get your credit score, which is determined by several factors, including your payments history, amounts owed, types of credit, new credit and, finally the length of your credit history. If your credit is less than 620, you have poor credit. Thus you can regard bad credit cards and apply for one to repair your credit history. You can start from secured credit cards, with your credit limit determined by bank account amount. Improve your score and apply for unsecured credit card, going on rebuilding your credit.
Answer I owe $15000 on a home equity line of credit and I am paying 7% interest on it. I have around a 700 credit score. I was wondering if I got a credit card which offers 0% interest for 12 to 15 months could I transfer the balance on my home equity line to the credit card and not pay any interest on that money for the promotional time of 0% interest. Do you know if this is possible.
Because when balance transfer is talked about I only see it refer to balance transfer between card and not any other kind.
Turning home-equity debt into credit-card debt is possible. Moreover, balance transfer from home equity line to credit card used under the right set of circumstances, can save homeowners big money. With your good credit score you can afford one of our balance transfer cards for the procedure. Still, there are some things to take into account. Be ready to make higher payments, because home-equity loans or lines of credit are typically amortized over 10 or 15 years, while credit card minimum payments use a shorter horizon. So before you sign up for a balance transfer, call the card company and ask them what your first payment would be. Secondly, with a massive balance over to a credit-card company, it's best you do it with a balance transfer offer that promises a fixed rate for the life of the balance. And while 0% APR offers may look tempting, be careful. Those typically last for six to 12 months. Once the promotional rate expires, you'll be hit with the card's regular interest rate, which can run 18% or higher. Then, make sure the credit-card limit is high enough. Aim for at least twice the balance on your home loan, this way, you credit score isn't likely to drop because of high utilization. When comparing different balance-transfer offers, remember also balance transfer fees many cards require!
Answer do i need to reside in Amercia or Canadan before i can apply for a credit card?
Generally speaking American banks tend to issue credit cards, assigned for legal American residents. However we do overlook some foreign credit card applications at our web-site. These are Canadian credit cards, UK credit cards and a Belgium credit card , issued by CitiBank. The only thing you should bear in mind is that these cards are intended for people having good-to-excellent credit score. Another option for you looks as follows. Some of American banks issue credit cards for foreigners, who want to make purchases here, in the USA. However there is again a restriction: you should have at least good credit score to be approved for a credit card of that group.
Actually, the largest market for business credit cards tends to be small business entity. At our site we do present the best small business credit card deals offered by Advanta bank, CitiBank American Express and Chase Bank. There certainly are credit card product options larger companies, non-profit organizations and government organizations, but they are often custom-tailored options provided by certain issuers rather than an off the shelf, prepackaged product. This is why consumers and small business people don't see corporate credit cards advertised in traditional media and offered online. These products are normally sold to client organizations and government entities, and the terms are arranged within negotiations.
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