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Answer are i able to get one of your credit cards, even tho i live in new zealand?
To tell the truth, American banks tend to issue their credit cards for official residents of the USA. The thing you can do is to attempt to find appropriate web-sites at your country featuring online credit card applications and sort out the most applicable card for your spending therein. The other way for you is to apply online for credit card for purchases here, in the USA. But there are rather severe restrictions for the people, who try to apply for American credit card for purchases and the applicants should have at least good credit history.
Answer i don't know much about credit cards now what is my limit if i buy one and what will it cost a month?
Generally credit card terms and conditions, including the size of credit limit and card cost, are very different and depend much on your credit history. It seems you`re not sure about your credit score, if so, you should first of all check your credit report, which incorporates your personal information, namely, your address, how you pay your bills, and whether you've been sued, arrested, or filed for bankruptcy, before you apply online for credit card. Once you`ve learned what your credit score is, you can start credit card comparison with our assistance. Taking into account your credit history and your personal wishes you`re sure to find the most appropriate credit card for your spending.
Answer how I can list more than two credit cards for balance transfer option? (platinum card application)
As it follows from your inquiry, you`re going to apply for one of balance transfer credit cards . Balance transfer credit cards can be really helpful, when you try to consolidate your credit cards? debts and save money, making payments. More than that, many balance transfer cards, including, for example, Discover Platinum credit card, require no fee for balance transfer operation. If you apply for a credit card online, you should fill in a special online credit card application, and, in case you apply for a balance transfer card, you should specify financial institution name or account number of loan or even some of them to fulfill the transaction procedure. There are special fields (more than two) for entering your transfers, where you should put the credit cards numbers, for example. After you`ve finished entering these data, you should scroll down the form and click submit button.
Answer My credit score is 742, I just applied for a Discover card, I'm told it will take up to 30 days to find out if
approved ???? Why so long?
Regretfully, our website has no possibility to check up the status of your applications, as we have no access to your personal information and to your accounts. What we do is providing up-to-date information about credit card deals available and presenting online bank credit card applications for all categories of consumers. It is only the bank that can answer if you`re approved for the credit card or not. If you`re approved, you`ll receive an approval letter, and there should be the date when you will receive your credit card. The terms of credit card approval and deliver can be different, and it`s also beyond our competence to determine them. It can usually take 7-30 business days to deliver a credit card to you. But if your credit card delivery or approval letter is delayed for a very long time, you could always call to the bank and clear out the situation.
Answer Can I find a credit card that has a balance transfer offers for someone with poor credit history?
Unfortunately, credit cards with balance transfers option are not available for poor credit customers. Balance transfer credit card deals require no less than fair credit. So, only clients with fair, good or excellent credit can obtain balance transfer credit cards. If you'd like to apply for a credit card online, you are welcome to get acquainted with our poor or bad credit card deals. Most of them imply low APR on purchases, so, you can make the process of purchasing beneficial and pleasant. Besides, cards for bad credit require no checking account, provide 24 hour access by phone and imply instant decision. To get a clear picture of other options and choose the best card for you, please, read terms and conditions of different credit cards. As soon as you pay off your bad credit credit card, you'll be able to pretend to offers with better than with bad credit card deals conditions.
Answer what if i have no bank account?
A bank account may be required if you have no or bad credit history. So you will need to secure a credit card with a beforehand money deposit, when you apply for a secured credit card.
Unsecured cards and co-signer credit cards (when a positive credit person is a guarantor of your payment) don't require a bank account. If your credit history is good or excellent and, probably, you have had a bank account and closed it, it's also not necessary to open another one. Then you can choose a credit card to your heart, filing good credit card application or excellent credit card application.Be careful and choose only credit cards you are eligible for. To know whether you are, check your credit report.
Answer I am getting fees taken out of my bank account and have not recieved a card yet. Please contact me. 260-224-**** or 260-468-****
You see, at our site we present the best credit card offers from the credit card issuers and place them in a way, convenient for comparison. We do not know about the support work of the bank and its procedures of payments. Our site does not provide our customers with any consultations over phone. So, only the bank can help you in your situation. Contact the bank and clear up the moments that interest you. If you need contact information of the bank, click the link by any credit card of this bank and using the links, go to the official site of the company, where all the contact information is shown.
Answer i am a student who stays far from home,how can i tell my mom in the u.k to send me money through my card.i need a free credit card
The idea of a free credit card is rather enticing at first sight. But first of all, not all credit cards are truly free credit cards. All credit cards cost money, and this cost depends on your APR rate. If you pay your cards right, you can make your credit cards seem free for a short time. Many credit cards offer a zero percent APR for the first 12 month to any new cardholders. This means you are never charged any extra fees for 12 months. So as long as you pay off the balance that you spent within these 12 months, the credit card is in essence, free. If you pay off money each month, and your credit score is excellent or good, you are welcome to best credit cards section. You can compare credit card rates and see which credit card companies offer a 0% introductory APR and no annual fee to have the card. You can also apply on the phone or fill out the application at home and mail it in. There are also student credit cards which can be interesting for you. You will find 0 APR credit card deals and choose no annual fee credit card no matter whether you have good, bad or no credit. Thus, you can build or rebuild your credit history with the help of no credit history student credit card.
Answer To whom it may concern I would like to ask you a question .. I'm not so sure how you call the period .. between the time "your credit bill is sent" and the time "you must pay the bill" ?? Thank you for your concern Sincerely, Vanessa Thieu
It is called the grace period, i.e.the number of days you have to pay your bill in full before the due date, without triggering a finance charge. For example, the credit company may say that you have a certain quantity of days from the statement date (the latter is given on the bill). The grace period is especially important if you plan to pay your account in full each month. It usually applies to new purchases and very often does not concern cash advances and balance transfers. Without a grace period, the card issuer may impose a finance charge from the date you use your card or from the date each transaction is posted to your account. If your card has a grace period, the creditor must mail your bill at least 14 days before the due date so you'll have enough time to pay.
Answer how to i check my account
Nowadays irrespective of your credit card company you can check your credit account and make your credit card payment online! Using Internet accelerates and facilitates these procedures greatly. All you need is just to access your bank official site. Luckily, most banks have online banking service nowadays, enabling you to monitor your expenses staying by your PC.
Access the official site of your credit card issuer and get registered therein. Thereafter you’ll be transferred to your personal page. Herein you’ll have an opportunity to check your account and find applications for making payments online. Today the banks use all possible securing strategies to protect their clients against fraud, therefore you can feel absolutely safe.
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