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Answer What is an instant decision credit card application?

Once you have filled out an instant decision card application form online and submitted it to a bank or credit card company, your application will be processed right away and you will receive a decision just in a few minutes informing you about whether you’ve been approved for the credit card.

Answer How can i pay my credit card bills?

You can pay your credit card bills in various ways. For instance, you can use your paper credit card bill you get monthly in the mail and mail back the portion of that bill with a paper check, you can pay your bills online, you may pay your credit card issuer directly over the phone (see the toll-free customer service number on the bank of your credit card) or through their branches (either at the teller window or at ATMs). For more information please contact your credit card company and ask them.

Answer Are balance transfer credit cards a convenient option to transfer my credit card balance?

They are, to some extent. Balance transfer credit cards help you move your credit card debt to one place and it becomes much easier to track your expenses and pay your bills on time. What is more, these cards can help you save in interest.

Answer Are there special credit bureaus to track credit histories for businesses?
In the United States there are over thirty business credit bureaus, also known as business credit reporting agencies. And the top three are Dun and Bradstreet, Corporate Experian (Business Experian) and Small Business Equifax. Note that there are industry specific bureaus and it would do no harm to have your business listed with such a business credit bureau, depending on the type of industry your business is in. It is very important to determine which business credit bureaus are popular with creditors in terms of pulling reports and get your business listed with them.
Answer My cc company wants to increase the interest rate and I haven’t decided yet whether to accept this or not. Do I have enough time think it over?

Under the new credit card rules you are given 60 days to accept or refuse the rate hike. If you do nothing, the rate will go up. So, if you decide to opt out of the rate increase, inform your credit card company and your account will be closed. You will have to pay off your outstanding balance in installments or in lump sum at your current rate within five years. And one more thing, during this repayment period you will not be able to use this credit card to make new purchases.

Answer How many credit cards should i have?

It's up to you to decide on how many credit cards to have. Please, note that people with lots of credit cards in their wallets can get into debt more easily. The more credit cards you have, the more time it will take you to track them (that is interest rates, fees, payment due dates, etc.) and the more difficult it will be to manage your payments. So, try to keep things simple and minimum. Three to five credit cards is more than enough to meet almost all your financial needs. It’s a good number of credit cards that gives the credit bureaus enough information on you to assess your credit card payment history. So, decide for yourself on how many and what credit cards you really need most depending on your lifestyle and ability to manage debt and make payments

Answer what is a charge card? the same as a credit card?

Charge cards and credit cards are two types of payment cards with some distinct features. Charge cards are typically aimed at people with good to excellent credit, and they come with no pre-set limit. A charge card is a card with a balance to be paid off in full by the due date. Since charge card balances must be paid in full every month, there is no interest rate and minimum payment. And if you are late on paying your charge card bill, penalty fees (like late fees) occur. As for credit cards, these typically do have a credit limit and allow its holders to carry a balance at an interest rate over a period of time.

Answer The security code on the back of my credit card has wiped off. What should I do?

The best way for you is to contact your credit card issuer and ask for a card replacement.

Answer i travel a lot and want a credit card with air miles

For frequent flyers we have our best selection of airlines credit cards that come with great travel benefits and rewards issued by the reliable US credit card companies. Rest assured the information on the cards we offer is updated continually. You can apply online for a credit card of your choice right from our site.

Answer What are pre-approved credit card offers?

Most credit card companies mail out so called pre-approved credit card offers with enticing terms and conditions to their potential cardholders. A list of potential cardholders is compiled by the credit bureaus upon request of credit card companies.When you submit your filled out pre-approval application the credit card company runs another credit check. And if your credit has worsened in the meanwhile you are likely to get a card with a credit limit lower and an interest rate higher than it was offered earlier. And you may not always qualify for the card offer you received.Anyway, if you want a credit card it is better not to wait for credit card companies to send you card offers. Shop around and find a card to meet your needs best.

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