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Answer I want a rewards credit card. What should I pay attention to when choosing one for me?

The best rewards credit card for you will be the one that rewards you with the rewards you really want and need. When choosing the right rewards card pay attention to an annual fee and interest rates, the number of points or miles you will earn per $1 spent with your card, categories of goods and services rewarded, the number of points or miles needed to redeem rewards. Don’t forget to find out if points or miles you earn have a cap or expire.

Answer What is the difference between a joint account holder and an authorized user for a credit card?

These are actually two absolutely different things and try not to confuse them. A joint account holder or a co-signer is a person who opens a credit card account with you and is also legally liable for paying off the credit card balance. An authorized user is able to use the credit card account but is not legally responsible for paying off the balance.

Answer Is 652 a good credit score

If your credit score is 652 FICO points, this means that your credit is fair and you are close to good credit history. If you are looking for a new credit card, you may consider the American DreamCardTM MasterCard® Sweepstakes card from HSBC Bank Nevada N.A. It is an unsecured credit card intended for people with fair-to-good credit score that comes with a reasonable interest rate and a 20-day grace period. By making purchases with this card, you’ll earn lottery tickets and have all the chances to become a lottery winner. If you are interested in getting this credit card, feel free to apply online.

Answer What credit card should I use to purchase airline tickets? I will have the balance paid of within 12 months and do not plan to use it any other time.

The best choice in your situation will be an airline credit card. The point is, these cards give valuable miles for your everyday purchases and more miles on eligible travel-related purchases, such as airline tickets.

If your credit rating is good or excellent, you may wish to review the following airline credit card offers available online. The Platinum Delta SkyMiles® from American Express can be a good choice for you, especially if you often fly with Delta or its airline partners. The best thing about this card is that it gives a large amount of bonus miles after your first purchase and there's no cap on the miles you can earn with the card.

The Miles by Discover Card is no fee card that gives a 0% Intro APR on purchases and balance transfers, plus the ability to earn double miles for travel and everyday purchases. Alternatively, you may review the Escape by Discover Card. This card gives unlimited double miles on all your purchases. That way, you can accumulate miles faster and redeem them for free flights, gift certificates or cash.

Take your time to review these airline credit card offers. Compare them side by side and choose the card that best meets your requirements.

Answer I am on permanent disability and I owe on a credit card. Are they supposed to be charging me interest on it even now the card is inactive or are they supposed to just be charging on what I owe?
Thank you for your help

If you carry a balance on your card, the issuer will keep on charging you interest until you pay off the entire balance in full. Even if you don't use your card, you're supposed to pay down your account balance.

If you find it difficult to make the minimum payment on your card, you may call up your creditor and explain the situation. You should negotiate this problem with your lender. You may ask to lower your interest rate for a certain period of time, so that you will be able to pay down your balance. This way or another, you need to repay this debt.

Answer If I get a credit card with a minimum of $2,000 how much would I have to pay back each month?

When applying for a credit card, you sign up an agreement where the company sets the amount of the minimum payment. Minimum payments may vary from company to company, but generally they range from 2% to 5% of the account balance. Read your credit card agreement to clear this point out.

By paying the entire balance each month, you can avoid paying interest at all by all means if your prior balance is paid in full. You should be extra careful by applying for cards that feature annual or set up fees. These one-time fees can be pretty heavy, so review the terms and conditions of a card before submitting your application.

Answer I want a specific credit card that requires a cosigner.

These days, even cards for limited/no credit do not require a co-signer. Some companies enable cardholders to add additional users. If you have good credit and want to help your child or a family member to improve credit, you can add him or her as an authorized user to one of your cards but make sure your lender reports an authorized user's activity to credit bureaus.

Credit companies define a co-signer as a person who is legally responsible for paying the balance in case another cardholder fails to pay. This way, the lender does report the payment activity of both cardholders to credit bureaus.

Answer I hace not received my new Credit Card it was ordered on March 24,20009
It takes some time to get a credit card in the mail. Even when you apply for an instant approval card, it doesn't mean that it will be delivered to you instantly. Generally a credit card comes in the mail 7-10 business days after your approval. It means that you should not count weekends or holidays. Plus, the company may need some extra paperwork to be done and it also takes some time. If you still haven't received your new credit card, you should get in contact with the issuer of your new card to clarify this issue.
Answer what kind of credit limit can i get with a 652 credit score

Your credit score is but a few points good, but as it is not strong enough you can qualify only for a credit card with fair credit which limit ranges between $250 and $300. If it’s good for you, you can choose one of the three fair credit credit cards and apply for it online.

Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards® offers a reasonable APR on purchases and moderate annual fee for fair credit applicants. In addition to reasonable pricing, you’ll get the whole range of benefits and conveniences provided by a major payment network.

Household Bank Platinum MasterCards® are also an attractive deal for fair credit customers. You’ll be able to save with competitive APRs and reasonable annual maintenance fees while building up your credit with special credit building services.

If you prefer Visa, then pay attention to Total Visa Card from Plains Commerce Bank. This card offers instant online decision and outstanding customer service to those who qualify. However, there is a higher than the average APR, initial fees and annual maintenance fees.

All these credit cards will help you improve your score up to the good level as long as you pay your bills on time and keep your balances below the spending limits.

Answer need a credit online

Your ability to get a credit card, whether you’re applying online or at your local bank branch, depends on your creditworthiness, your income and some other factors from your personal and financial life. As you do not provide any information about yourself, we can only roughly say which credit cards you may be interested in and qualify for.

Assuming that you have good-to-excellent credit, you can try to apply for Discover More® Card online. This card comes with no annual fee and 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfer transactions. It also offers a lucrative cash back rewards program on gas, groceries and travel purchases.

If you’re only building your credit and you don’t have enough payment records to qualify for a good credit card, consider applying for Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards®. This credit card offers great flexibility when it comes assessing your credit rating and making credit decision. So, if you apply online and do not get approved for the card requested, the bank will consider you for a card offer you better qualify for.

Now, if you do not have any credit history at all we suggest you apply for Total Visa Card from Plains Commerce Bank. This card does not require a security cash deposit so you do not have to provide money to qualify for it. However, be prepared to pay substantial initial fees and annual maintenance fees. Total Visa Card may help you build your credit if you pay bills on time and keep spending balances low.

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