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Answer i dont have any credit but i want to start establishing credit now but i went on every bad credit no credit website to get a card but i am not being approved for some reason i dont understand i am trying to get a car and other things please help me if u can thank you
When a bank considers your application to determine whether to grant you credit or not, it takes into account many factors, including your employment record, income, assets, previous credit experience or its lack, etc. Therefore it is difficult to say exactly what the reason for your declines was as we have no access to your personal information.

If you didn't apply for a secured credit card yet, we offer you to try as secured cards are usually guaranteed approval offers. They are similar to unsecured ones but require making a bank deposit as a measure against risk of debt repayment. Such type of cards is very popular among applicants with no or bad credit history as they offer a good chance to be approved and build up credit. You can consider Black Diamond Visa card from Millennium Bank. It is a Visa-branded card that reports to the major credit bureaus enabling you to prove that you are a trustworthy customer. As soon as you prove your trustworthiness with help of secured card, you can change it to unsecured one without making any deposits.

Or, you can apply for unsecured credit card for bad or no credit, for example Total Visa card or Access Visa card from Plains Commerce Bank. They give an opportunity to learn credit decision instantly, offer outstanding customer service and reasonable fees.

All cards for bad or no credit come with rather low credit limit but may help you build a solid credit history if you use them properly.

Answer which credit card has the lowest apr, longest 0 interest, no fee and offers credit for gas?
If you have good or excellent credit, there all chances to find such a credit card online. Look at Discover® Open Road® Card which comes with 0% intro APR on purchases and b/t and no annual fees. It offers a generous and unlimited cash back bonus on all gas-related purchases and some smaller rebate on all other purchases.

More® Card - Monogram offers a 5% cash back bonus on certain categories of purchases that change each season. Gas spending is also included into these purchase categories. There is the 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers and no annual fee feature.

More® Card - Clear offers a similar deal in terms of pricing and cash back rewards program. So it's up to you to choose which card fits you best.

Compare the credit cards' key features and additional benefits and apply online here.

Answer i am 18 and i am trying to establish credit. i would like to purchase a credit card and i have been filling out card applications for cards for people with no credit. also i do not know my annual household income i guess 45000 but i know thats not correct. i keep getting denied whats the problem?
Most likely, the reason for your being denied is your high borrowing risk to the credit company. If you have absolutely no score and so no payment records, the bank has no data to evaluate you with. In your case it would be appropriate to apply for these no credit cards which are especially designed for no score customers. You may choose either unsecured or secured cards for no credit depending on your preferences and payment resources. All they are a helpful tool to build your credit if you make payments on time and keep your balances low. Apply online!
Answer why do credit card companies send an offer by mail and than turn you down? I have a car loan with this company so they should know my rating. My plan is to transfer balances at lower rates and pay off asap. Thank you
The best way to find the right credit card is to do a search online where you can compare several offers side-by-side. Take a look at 3 top balance transfer credit cards and apply for one if your credit rating is good or excellent.

Discover More® Card: enjoy 0% APR on balance transfers for 12 months, 0% intro rate on purchases for 6 months and no annual fees.

Clear from American Express®: get a low intro rate on balance transfers for 12 months and 0% intro APR on purchases. There are no fees associated with this offer.

Chase Bank Platinum Visa®: save with no annual fees and 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. Enjoy a lowest ongoing APR after the teaser period.

Before you apply, make certain your credit rating meets the requirements. Also, do not transfer more than the limit on a credit card. You are welcome to apply online now.

Answer What are the fees if I apply for this card for a balance transfer?
Best balance transfer credit cards online are designed for good and excellent credit customers. So if your credit score is 660-850, you have a long-term payment history with creditors and you do not have bad payments in your file, the following cards are for you.

Clear from American Express® does not have any kind of fees at all. No initial fees, annual fess, late fees or balance transfer fees. You'll be offered a low intro rate on balance transfers and 0% intro APR on purchases.

More® Card from Discover has no annual fee but charges a 3% fee on each balance transfer transaction. 0%intro APR on purchases and balance transfers apply with this offer.

Platinum Visa® of Chase Bank offers the same balance transfer fee, but has no annual fee, 0% intro rates and some of the lowest ongoing interest rates on purchases and balance transfers.

You're welcome to apply online for one of the cards if you qualify
Answer what is the best credit card to get to rebuild credi that offers the highest credit limit.


Before speaking about certain credit card offers, I would like to point out that credit card for limited credit usually do not provide high credit limits, especially for the first several billing cycles. As a rule, after approval, the company provides no more than $500 limit, depending on your credit report, of course. If you credit is very bad and full of negative issues, you can sometimes be denied for an unsecured plastic. In this case you will have to apply for a secured card and your credit limit will depend on the security deposit you will make.

Here are a number of worthy credit cards for rebuilding credit.

Gold MasterCard/Visa by First PREMIER® Bank provides a low interest rate on purchases and quite affordable fees. What is more. the bank reports to 4 major credit bureaus on the monthly basis and provides 24/7 phone access to your account. Another product by this bank is First PREMIER® Bank Centennial Gold MasterCard/Visa which is remarkable for providing regular $50 dollar credit limit increase.

Orchard bank Classic MasterCard has 0% introductory APR for 6 months and a number of convenient sevices like all-day account access and management, wide acceptance and regular payment reminders sent to your mobile phone or e-mail.

Answer I have credit cards with very high limits on them, and I have no debt, so I thought this was good. Especially since my credit score has risen in the past year.
Recently, someone informed me that high credit limits are really unsecured debts and that if I decreased the number of cards with high limits, my credit score would be even better.

I have 8 credit cards and my total credit limit is $150,000.

Is this prudent?

Thanks, TK

The person who told you this was actually mistaken. Your credit score basically depends on your credit to debt ratio. This ratio shows how high your total credit limit is and how large a part of it you use. As you say, you have a considerable credit limit and you have no debts.This is a good indicator of your credit usage and it is definitely good for your credit rating. At the same time, very often excessive number of credit cards can speak negative of a person. But experts and credit bureaus give a vague notion of excessive number of credit cards.

You should analyze your current needs and see if all of your plastics are really beneficial. if some of them have too high interest rate or fees, you'd better close them in order to save your money. remember, the fewer cards you have, the easier it is to manage them.

If you would like to take a more beneficial credit card or make a balance transfer, you can consider one of the following credit card offers.

For advantageous balance transfers, you can take American Express Blue card which provides a long 0% intro period, low interest rate on balance transfers and a remarkable rewards program.

Another plastic by AmEx, American Express Blue Cash is popular for its generous cash rewards which imply up to 5% of cash back on purchases. Besides, there is a long intro period and no annual fee.

if you want to get a low interest plastic, look at Citibank Platinum Select card which provides 0% on both purchases and balance transfers for a year and a bunch of useful additional services.

Answer Ill like to transfer a balances for a few credit cards I have,, what I need to do? I never been late in my cards just i need to have a one headche, besides i can lower my rate
All you need to do is to choose the right balance transfer card with which you can solve your credit problems. Actually, you've got two options - a plastic with a 0% APR for a long period of time, like 12 or 15 months, or a card with a low fixed rate on balance transfers. If your balance is not that big, the first variant will be more acceptable. But if the balance you're going to transfer is pretty heavy and you're not sure whether you can pay it off within the introductory period, you'd better choose the card with a fixed low rate.More Card by Discover is an excellent example of a good balance transfer card. It comes with 0% interest rates for 12 months on balance transfers, so you've got enough time to pay off your balance. Plus, it has no annual fee. No need to pay extra for the maintenance of the card. In addition to that, this plastic offers a great rewards scheme. After you've paid off the balance, you've got all the chances to benefit from this card.Another card offering a 0% APR on balance transfers is Chase Platinum Visa. It also offers 0% promotional rates on both purchases and balance transfers for 12 billing cycles, it comes with no annual fee, plus it offers low ongoing interest rates.In case you want to apply for the card with a low fixed interest rate on balance transfers, Clear from American Express will be the best choice. The great thing about this plastic is that it has no fees at all, and a one-time balance transfer fee is no exception. It comes with a low fixed APR on balance transfers, plus there's no need to pay a balance transfer fee. If the balance you're going to transfer is rather heavy, this card comes as the best solution.
Answer My credit is bad I lock for credit card

You need an unsecured card for consumers with bad credit. First PREMIER bank is noted for its excellent card offers for those whose credit needs some improvement. Most of these cards have instant approval. That means that you will be notified within 60 seconds whether you are approved or not if you apply online.

Centennial MasterCard®/Visa. This is the most popular card among consumers with poor credit. It has low APR on purchases. No bank deposit or checking account is needed. All your activity will be reported to credit card bureaus.

Gold MasterCard®/Visa. This card has very low APR and a reasonable annual fee. With this card you get Gold card prestige and a chance to improve your credit score.

Centennial Gold MasterCard®/Visa. The deal includes a $50 credit line increase if you make your first two payments on time. All applications for this card are accepted.

Answer I have excellent credit last I checked I believe I was at a730 fico, but last year fell into hard times with a family emergency and had to use my credit cards to cover the costs. I owe 16,000.00 on my card and I am paying 16.34% apr. I have not missed payments or let my credit drop. I got a promotion recently and make more money so I want to really start paying it off, but the intrest charge is killing me. Is there a card that will let me transfer this full amount for 0%? Whats my best option at this point?

First of all, you should check your credit history one more time. A year is a long time and your score could have changed. It is important to get a credit report prior to applying for a card to make sure all the information is correct. Considering the information you have provided, you still have good credit.

Most likely you will not be able to transfer $16,000 to one card. The best option for you will be to apply for several credit cards with favorable terms. Here are the cards that are great for balance transfer.

Discover® Card. More Card. It gives you 0% APR on balance transfer for up to 12 months. The balance transfer fee rate is 3% of the amount transferred ($75 maximum). It also has 0%APR on purchases for up to 6 months. This is a cash back card for consumers with good/excellent credit.

American Express. Blue from American Express®. This card has 4.99% APR on balance transfer till you pay it off. That will be three times lower than what you have right now. Maximum transfer fee is $99. This card offers you a fee-free rewards program and 0% APR for purchases during the intro period.

Chase Bank. Platinum Visa®. This is another card with 0% APR on balance transfer for up to 12 months. Maximum transaction fee is $75. There is no annual fee. However, unlike the card mentioned above it is not a rewards card.

Compare the offers and apply for the one you like the most. Do not send applications for all the three cards at the same time. Let some time pass after your first approval and then apply for a new card. Eventually, you will be able to transfer your balance.

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