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Answer I Want to build up my credit and I keep getting denied and I'm tring to find specific cerdit card for people who have bad cerdit and won't get denied.
It is great that you are eager to build your credit! In fact, it is easier than most people think, because banks introduce a range of credit card offers for limited credit history today. Probably, you keep getting denied because you apply for cards you are not eligible for… To prevent denials, you can apply for a guaranteed approval credit card deal. It means that the bank will approve any applications for this product. A good example of plastics with guaranteed approval is First PREMIER Centennial Gold MasterCard which requires no checking account and provides instant approval. First PREMIER bank also provides Visa cards of this type.
Answer do i have to join a credit angency to get my credit score
If you want to get your credit score, you should contact a credit reporting agency or, better, all the major agencies. Your credit record is usually established by a credit bureau if you get a credit card or a loan in a bank. Actually, you do not have to get any 'membership' in a credit bureau; you just should make sure your bank reports to the major agencies. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers have a right to obtain a free credit report once a year. If you address to a credit reporting agency for more credit reports, you will have to pay a fee.
Answer I have 4 credit cards at diffent APR-from 9.90% to 20.99%. All of my cards are paid up to date. I would like to know if I can get a low rate credit card to pay off all of my cards about $10,500. I have bad to fair credit. Most credit cards will not give me that amount on a credit card.
Balance transfer credit cards usually allow you to transfer balances from up to 4 credit cards. Unfortunately, no credit card companies with which our site co-operates offer balance transfer plastics for limited credit. Besides, the balance you are going to transfer is rather high even for a good credit card deal. You say you pay off your cards on time - that's great! If you go on keeping to this habit and reduce debt on all your current plastics, you will be able to build flawless credit history and be eligible for beneficial credit cards later on. Good luck!
Answer I want a credit card with no balance trensfer fee (no fee for transfering my balane to it)
0% interest for a given time
Unfortunately, it is not clear from your inquiry what credit history you have. Our site presents balance transfer credit cards only for consumers with good or excellent credit and for U.S. residents. If you have good credit and are a U.S. citizen we can advise you Discover Card Platinum Card. It offers 10.99% Annual Percentage Rate on balance transfer and the same interest on purchases. Also it has no annual fee and its introductory APR for 12 month is 0%. If you have limited or fair credit you can find best cards for fair credit or cards for limited credit at the site of our partners.
Answer I have no credit and I want to know if I can get a credit card without any fees?
Customers with no credit are referred to as a high risk group and credit card companies need to cover the risks by means of high APR and fees bad/no credit cards imply. So, as you understood, you can't get a credit card without any fees having no credit. You need to build credit first and prove yourself to be a responsible cardholder. You can apply for a secured credit card, which requires collateral to be installed in the bank, to secure your credit and provide a certain credit limit to you. There are also unsecured credit cards for bad/no credit which can be considered as your possible choice. Some people choose to get a credit card with a co-signer, so that they can use a high credit limit and pay less charges, because somebody with good credit agreed to be the co-signer and thus guarantee the credit will be paid off.
Answer What is the best card for no credit
It is mostly true that you need to have a credit history to get a credit card. It is a usual bank measure to prevent nonpayment. But don't worry that you can't be eligible for credit cards. The card issuers think about people with bad or no history. There are two options for you. First, you can apply for a secured credit card. The amount of money you deposit into your account will be your credit limit. Also you can obtain an unsecured credit card for no credit history at First PREMIER Bank. We advise you Centennial Gold MasterCard Visa card. This is a perfect way to establish your credit history.
Answer Which credit card is more profitable to use, cash back credit cards, airline mileage credit cards or reward point credit cards. Which category is the best and of that category which credit card is the best?
Choosing the right of the three credit card types depends on your spending patterns and priorities. You should know your wishes pretty well. If you strive for cash and you normally shop at lots of different merchants (including also restaurants, gas stations and drug stores), then a cash back credit card deal is a perfect variant for you. In case your priority is travel and you spend much time in a plane, get yourself an airlines credit card as you will benefit from it most. See the point. Why get a cash back card if you are not going to use it to fill up your car or buy other things and services of no interest to you? Then, if you are planning to use plastic for a wide variety of items and do not want to be limited in the choice of merchants, think of applying for a reward points credit card. This type card will reward you points on every purchase and you can redeem the points for various merchandise and services. Each credit card has its specific terms and conditions, so take time to see all details to know which deal will save you most money.
Answer Is thier a credit card available for people who have bad credit like me.
At there is a variety of credit card deals for many types of credit history. Having a limited, lower than average score, you can apply for bad credit card deals. These include secured and unsecured credit card deals to choose from. Secured credit cards require depositing an amount to a bank account, while unsecured don't. If you have never had a credit card, you'd better study bad/no credit card deals. Apply online using our secure credit card application, and be careful when you do this. Choose only credit cards you are eligible for. To know if you are, check your credit score at a credit agency or at our site (on every page just under Credit Score MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS table). Best, Manager of Immediate Credit Card Care Service
Answer where is the visa classic credit card, so that i may apply for it?
At our sites we present a wide array of Visa credit cards, so you can choose one for yourself.

Manager of Immediate Credit Card Care Service
Answer I am a sales consultant with an auto dealer and have recently checked my credit thru eqifax and my score was 592 3 weeks ago...I need a card with a limit of 500-100, which banks should I look into for this
First of all we recommend you to request your reports from all three credit bureaus, not only one of them. Check them thoroughly for any misleading information and ask the bureaus to correct all mistakes and inaccuracies. Then learn your current score. You see, the score only reflects your state at particular moment of time, and if your information has changed, your score might change as well. If your score is 592 your credit is considered bad. But don't be upset about this, as you are still eligible for a credit card. On our web-site you can find several credit offers for bad credit. Read all the details about each card and choose the one that suits your needs.
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