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Answer i have some problems with credit i thung or low score i dont get big credit cards how can i find out
If you get denied in your application for high limit credit cards, it means you have some problems with your current credit rating which you have to improve. You are to raise your credit score and the higher the score, the more chances you have to be approved. There are a number of credit cards meant to help you - fair credit credit cards or limited credit cards which you can find at limited credit cards. Compare the cards and choose the right one for your credit. Good luck, Manager of Immediate Credit Card Care Service.
Answer It says you can a approve with bad credit than why am I not being approved is my concerned please call me @ (772)
778-8840 I will appreciate it al lot thank you have a nice day
If your credit score is bad the cards you can afford are bad/no credit cards, issued by Orchard bank and First PREMIER bank. If you want to ensure getting bad credit card you should apply for one of guaranteed approval credit cards. Among these cards you can select the most convenient secured credit card, for instance, Orchard bank secured card or New Millennium card. If your purpose is to find an unsecured credit card with instant approval, you should regard unsecured First PREMIER card applications or Orchard bank card deals.
Answer i would like to know, how can i improve my credit?, I am now keeping up with all my payments and are doing well for the last 3 years how long does it take for my credit to improve?
It's difficult to say how much time it will take to build good credit history, as it is the credit bureau that has its own way to calculate the credit score. The latter depends on your annual income, number of credit cards you use and have been using, credit limits, terms of credit and other factors. At the site of our partners you can find tips for building good credit history.
Generally, it is recommended to have 4-6 credit cards to accumulate enough points (paying them in full and on time)and manage them wisely. The most important rules concerning credit card usage are paying on time, applying for credit cards matching your credit history and needs and being and feeling measure in getting more credit cards. At you can find beneficial credit cards to improve your credit rating.

Manager of Immediate Credit Card Care Service
Answer What card can I get with a score of 572?
Thank you for addressing your requests to our service. We hope our answer helps you to find a credit card you need. Having FICO score of 0-619 means you have bad credit (or no credit at all). Thus, you should apply for a bad credit card. Examine our bad credit card deals. These are offered by First PREMIER Bank. Pay special attention to Centennial Gold MasterCard/Visa. This one has, among other features, instant approval. Feel free to compare and apply online!
Answer If your credit scores all fall in the low to high 600 scores what would you consider the score rate fair, good, or bad. Also, what kind of card would you consider the person should shot for with no credit cards. Who's trying to get a trade line.
The credit score is very important for applying for a card. It is the main indicator of your creditworthiness. According to the most widespread system of scoring the numbers are devided as follows: from 350 to 619 - poor credit, from 620 to 659 - fair credit, from 660 to 749 - good credit and from 750 to 850 - excellent credit. So, you see, that if your score is about 600 it can be considered less than average. If you have bad or no credit history and want to establish one there are some cards you can apply for. Nowadays many banks, such as Millennium, Applied bank, Plains Commerce and others offer deals for bad credit. On our site turn to the page devoted to cards for bad credit. Read all the details about each card, compare the present offers and choose one that suits your requirements. Another way to build up your credit is to apply for one of the so-called secured credit cards. With this card you will have to deposit some amount of money to guarantee your ability to pay. On our site you can find several variants of these cards too. After you've chosen the card you like just click "apply" and submit an application online. The bank will consider it and send you the card by post.
Answer In order for me to possibly getapproved for an American Express Blue Card, do my credit score have to be very high or can it be at 700 and up?
To be approved for the Blue card from American Express, you need to have an Excellent Credit of 750-850 or just a Good Credit of 660-749. If you qualify, find Blue from American Express and fill out the online application. Best wishes, Manager of Immediate Credit Card Care Service,
Answer What is the best card for bad credit
We suggest you to pay your attention to the deals of First PREMIER Bank. This bank is the right choice for those who have bad or no credit history but want to improve it. We recommend you Centennial Gold MasterCard/Visa by First PREMIER. This card has some really attractive features. It offers guaranteed approval, low APR on purchases and monthly reporting to 4 major credit bureaus. Apply for this card online, get instant approval and rebuild your credit score!
Answer whats my outstanding amount on todays date?
You see, it is out of our competence to give you this information. As a matter of fact we don't represent any particular bank or credit company and don't issue any cards ourselves. Our web-site is merely designed to provide sufficient and up-to-date information about various credit offers, including cards for excellent, good, fair, bad or no credit history. We are glad to present the details about different cards and to help the customers choose one of them according to their credit score and their requirements. Besides, we render a service of online application for the chosen card. However we do not possess any personal information, including the numbers of accounts and other financial data. To learn your balance, outstanding amount or other financial data you should contact your bank. All the best, Manager of Immediate Credit Card Care Service
Answer What is a Default APR?
DEfault APR is a penalty APR. Your ongoing APR may increase if you make late payments. For example, your card agreement may say, "If your payment arrives more than ten days late two times within a six month period, the penalty rate will apply". Defaults are a serious negative item on a credit report. Default APR may be as high as 29.74% and may be applied to all outstanding balances on your credit card.
Answer can i get approved after bankruptcy
You can get a card after a bankruptcy, but this will take some time. The decision is entirely up to the bank and no one knows for sure how long will it take. Usually (according to First PREMIER Bank) you should have your bankruptcy finalized at least six months ago in order to qualify. So that means, after you declare bankrupt the court determines how much and when you are to pay. And when everything is resolved you have to wait six months. But the fact that you had bankruptcy stays on your report for 7-11 years.
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