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If you have a debt on your plastic and can't manage it due to rather high interests, think of balance transfer credit cards. They let you move your debt from one credit card to another one with lower ongoing APR or 0% intro APR. Thus, you will be able to start paying off your debt and save some money on the interest.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards:

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    Credit Suggested: Excellent/Good 
    • Intro APR Purch. (Intro Period) 0% (up to 18 months)
    • Intro APR Bal. Tr. (Intro Period) 0% (up to 18 months)
    • Regular APR See Terms
    • Annual Fee $0
    • Application Processing Fee $0
    Card Features
    • Transfer and pay off your debt at 0% Intro APR on Balance Transfers; ongoing variable APR applies after that.
    • There is a balance transfer fee.
    • Earn cash back or point rewards on all purchases. Rewards won’t expire.
    • $0 liability on unauthorized purchases. No annual fee.
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