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How to choose a credit card? Tips for all credit histories.

  • Excellent credit history.

    When you credit is excellent you can choose any credit card you like. It can be a credit card with 0% intro APR, a card with rewards, a card without an annual fee, or a card with sign-up bonus. If you are lucky, you will be able to find a card that perfectly combines all those features together. However, it is not always possible, so be attentive to your needs and credit card terms.

  • Good credit history.

    Good credit can still give you access to all those offers available to people with excellent credit. So you can choose virtually any credit card you like. Again, do not forget to pay your attention to interest rates and fees as they still matter. Carefully read the fine print of credit card agreement as it is the most important part and a key to understanding credit card terms.

  • Fair credit history.

    When your credit is fair, you should pay attention to the credit cards you choose as not all credit cards are meant for people with fair credit. Otherwise you may be turned down and will end up with a hard inquiry on your credit reports. Here, at, credit cards for people with fair credit are marked as "Fair" or "Average".

  • Bad credit history.

    When your credit is bad you should be very attentive to credit cards you choose. Many credit cards for people with bad credit come with application fees, down payment and may require you to have a bank account. So it is important to read the terms and conditions before you submit your application so there were no unexpected fees.

  • Limited / No credit history.

    Without credit history or with short credit history it can be rather difficult to find a credit card because many credit card issuers a looking for applicants with at least some credit history. However, there still are credit card offers for people without credit history. There are as unsecured credit cards as secured credit cards.

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