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  • 30 Oct

    The holiday season is well underway, and anticipation for Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when eager shoppers line up for deals and discounts, is at an 8-year high, according to the Accenture Holiday Shopping survey.

    Sixty-six percent of survey respondents...

  • 1 Oct

    The upsurge in mobile financial services has caused quite a bit of concern about the safety and security of mobile transactions, and two public agencies are asking the federal government to intervene.

    Services like Google Wallet, PayPal, and the new Apple Pay offer...

  • 19 Sep

    Although some economists are cautious about lingering effects of the recession on the U.S. economy, small businesses are doing well. They are increasing sales, hiring more employees, and taking on extra debt with the expectation of being able to pay it back.

    The TD...

  • 4 Sep

    Although some 35% of Americans have debts that have been sent to collections—an estimated 77 million people—the majority of them aren’t seeking help with their financial situations.

    A study from the Urban Institute revealed the troubling statistic, but the...

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  • 6 Aug

    A popular travel app is now available on Android operating systems. Last Minute Travels Deals is introducing several new iPhone features, along with an Android version.

    The free app helps people find flights, hotel rooms, vacation homes and activities as prices that...

  • 12 Jul

    If you hesitated to shop at Target after their massive payment security data breach last winter, you weren’t alone. Customers hold merchants largely responsible for security issues and blame them more than banks when payment information gets stolen.


  • 2 Jul

    The antitrust lawsuit brought against Visa and MasterCard in 2005 may have reached a settlement last year, but retailers say the fight is far from over.

    Nearly ten years after the initial suit was filed and two years after a $7.25 billion settlement was offered by...

  • 5 Jun

    It’s hard to focus on work when you’re worried about money. According to human resource managers, office productivity and employee job performance are being significantly affected by financial stress.

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently...

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