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  • 26 Feb

    Winter is still keeping much of the country in its grip, but even if it doesn’t feel like it, this is the time to plan your spring break trip. In fact, it’s already a little late. The good news for spring break travelers is, lots of credit card issuers are offering...

  • 5 Feb

    Holders of a First Bankcard now have a quick and easy way to keep tabs on their FICO score. The credit card issuer is offering cardholders free access to their FICO credit score via the First Bankcard mobile app, available for iPhones, Android devices, and other mobile...

  • 24 Jan

    A new rewards card from Fidelity Investments, Visa, and U.S. Bank will give members unlimited 2% cash back on all purchases, as well as the chance to invest in long term savings programs.

    When cardholders put their rewards toward eligible Fidelity accounts, they...

  • 9 Jan

    As the new year kicks off, many of us are thinking about how to make it a good one. Whether that means eating healthier, spending more time with family, or getting our finances in shape, one thing that’s always hard is knowing where to start.

    Luckily, if your...

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  • 18 Dec

    What common item do many people carry with them but not know how to use? More specifically, they know how to use them, but they don’t understand how they really work. Here’s a hint: they’re made of plastic and you probably have one in your wallet right now....

  • 11 Dec

    The holiday season is a popular time to apply for new credit cards, particularly cards that offer incentives like a percentage off the first purchase or a sign-on bonus reward. A recent survey asked consumers what they look for when deciding to apply for a new card and...

  • 20 Nov

    The most frequently cited reasons for opening a new credit card account were to get cash back rewards and to save money with a low interest rate, according to a recent survey of adults across the nation.

    The survey asked consumers about their credit card habits and...

  • 29 Oct

    Credit bureau TransUnion has come up with a new way to assess a consumer’s creditworthiness. The company is touting their new credit scoring product as a more reliable and accurate measure of people’s likelihood to pay their debts on time, and saying it will allow...

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