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Chase Launches Digital Car-Buying Service
13 Sep
Chase Auto Direct is a new digital service that will revolutionize the car-buying experience, making it easier to find and purchase a vehicle with a few clicks and a quick visit to the dealership.

Current Chase customers in select US states can use the service now, as the program rolls out state by state. “Customers today are shopping for everything online, including cars. By pairing financing with the online car shopping experience, we can provide more opportunities for Chase dealers, and make it easier for customers to get in the driver’s seat,” said Bruce Jackson, the head of retail lending for Chase Auto Finance.

Through, people can configure their preferred options for the new or used car, find cars that match what they’re looking for, and apply to be approved for a loan right inside the app. They then must go to a dealership to close the deal and pick up their new car.

“Chase has been providing auto financing directly to customers for some time,” said Jackson. “We want every Chase customer to have a good experience when buying a car, and we’re confident that the dealers we do business with can provide that experience.”

Right now, Chase Auto Direct is available in 30 US states and serves about 14,000 auto dealerships across the country. The program will roll out further through the beginning of 2017.

Chase branches out

Besides auto loans, Chase bank also offers credit cards, checking accounts, business and personal loans, savings accounts, and investment products. In fact, those things are what Chase is better known for. Chase has a suite of credit products that includes balance transfer credit cards, business credit cards, luxury travel rewards credit cards, and cash back cards.

The Chase Sapphire line of credit cards offers travelers high value rewards, no foreign transaction fee, 24/7 access to dedicated customer service, and easy reward redemption. The Chase Freedom card is a classic cash back card, offering cash back in different categories that change each quarter.

Chase Slate cards offer balance transfers and budgeting tools that let folks pay off debt in several different ways. The online account management tools make paying off a balance a fun challenge, almost like a puzzle. Choose the plan that works best for you and track your progress via the Chase app.

Now, the Chase Auto Direct service brings one more way that Chase serves its customers in all their financing needs, utilizing the power of technology.

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