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Discover Adds In-App Messaging For On-The-Go Cardholders
20 Jun
Discover cardholders will be able to contact customer service more easily with the advent of in-app messaging, which allows customers to communicate with Discover customer service agents without having to stop and restart their interactions when they are logged into or out of their accounts on their smartphones.

The goal of the enhanced mobile feature is to eliminate the need for users to stay logged into their app; they can keep chatting with the same agent whenever it is convenient, whether or not they have the app open and are logged in. This prevents cardholders from having to explain the same issue multiple times, to multiple agents. Customer service reps will be able to access the client’s messaging history, letting them see the full scope of the issue and allowing them to provide better service to resolve problems and answer questions.

The rollout of this feature will happen over the course of the next several months, and upon its completion, messaging will replace Discover’s current Live Chat feature.

Discover customer service is best in class

Discover takes pride in its superior customer service; it has won awards for best customer service in the credit card space for many years. Says Dennis Michel, senior vice president of customer service and engagement, “Delivering a world-class customer experience is at the core of who we are at Discover. We continually evaluate our products and services to make sure we are meeting customer needs and are providing the most relevant features and benefits.”

Michel said that since customers are increasingly using messaging, it “has become second nature, so it only makes sense that customers should be able to enjoy the same convenience when communicating with our customer service team.”

Mobile apps allow cardholders to protect themselves from fraud

Another popular new feature from Discover is the ability to freeze accounts from the mobile app, in case of loss or theft. If a customer loses their card, they can simply log into their account center, either on their mobile device or online, and freeze the account until the card is recovered. This prevents them from dealing with fraudulent charges in case their card falls into the wrong hands. When they find the card, they can unfreeze it again just as easily.

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