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Marketing is the Top Challenge for Small Businesses
31 Aug
Small businesses have many challenges, but chief among them is marketing, according to a survey by Capital One Spark Business.

The company, which offers a cash-back credit card for small business owners, is launching a new campaign, aimed at helping small business owners advertise their products and grow their businesses. The campaign will feature 125 businesses in video, digital, and print ads.

In connection with this campaign, Capital One has done a survey of small business owners, asking them about the challenges they face. Conducted by Harris Poll between April 1 and 6, 2015, with answers online from over 500 adults who own businesses with less than $10 million in annual revenue, the survey found that only two in five businesses had run a marketing campaign in the past six months. However, 70% said they would have run one if they’d had the ability to. Lack of resources and capability kept these small businesses form executing the marketing plans they otherwise would have.

Spark Plug Campaign Showcases Small Businesses

Keri Gohman, head of small business banking at Capital One, said the company’s new Spark Plug campaign is aiming to help small businesses market themselves more effectively. She said the campaign would help small businesses “increase awareness and generate new business throughout their local communities.”

The Spark Plug campaign asked cardholders to submit nominations for companies to receive free advertising through Capital One. One hundred twenty-five small businesses were chosen, and 150 custom advertisements were created free of cost to them. Over the course of the fall, the ads will play on targeted channels and reach more customers than the businesses would have been able to access on their own.

One of the businesses chosen, Arts on the Horizon, is a professional non-profit theater company based in Alexandria, Virginia. Michelle Kozlak, Producing Artistic Director of the theater, said her organization faces “challenges every day,” and is “so excited for our online video to launch and to help raise widespread awareness and interest for our theatre programs specifically designed for young children—an impossible feat without Capital One’s deep commitment to their small business customers like us.”

Capital One offers consumer and business credit cards designed for a range of customers. Their cash back rewards cards have no foreign transaction fees, and they also offer no-fee checking and savings accounts as well as a host of other financial products.

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