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New Gulf Pay Mobile App Lets Drivers Pay Via Smartphone
15 Mar
Commuters who spend a lot of time in the car will be happy to hear that there’s a new way for them to fuel up fast and pay quickly and securely, without even getting out of the car.

Gulf Oil is launching a new mobile payment app, called Gulf Pay. This lets drivers drive to the nearest Gulf station, use their smartphone to pay at the pump, and even buy a pack of gum or bottle of water from the convenience store while they’re at it. Simple, secure mobile payment technology will enable this seamless shopping experience and make life a little less complicated.

Gulf Oil’s Todd O’Malley explained what’s behind the company’s new offering: “Mobile payment technology is changing the retail experience and the Gulf Pay app enhances transaction security and further delivers on our commitment to provide high-quality products and services in a fast and convenient environment.”

Security, technology, and rewards

Every transaction using Gulf Pay is encrypted to ensure security when being authorized. “Mobile payment is a contactless transaction, meaning that it is extremely effective against today’s most commonly used fraud techniques,” explained Margaret McDonnell, senior director of credit card operations at Gulf.

The Gulf Pay app also offers users the chance to cash in with exclusive offers, not just on gas purchases, but on products sold in their convenience stores. Users can customize their in-app preferences to suit their specific desires, including their favorite locations and products.

Partnership with Masterpass

Drivers don’t have to have a Gulf credit card to use the Gulf Pay app; they can use any card loaded into a mobile wallet that links to Gulf Pay. Gulf is partnering with Mastercard, and the app will take Masterpass ¬– allowing folks to use their Mastercards to pay for anything purchased via the app.

The program is being rolled out one step at a time, launching in New England and New York in the beginning of 2017 and expanding into more markets next year. To find participating stations near your, go to

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