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    • 14 Oct

      People worried about identity theft do three things: check their credit reports, shred any papers that might have sensitive personal information on them, and change their passwords to bank and credit card accounts.

      Those are the top actions taken by the 85% of...

    • 1 Oct

      The upsurge in mobile financial services has caused quite a bit of concern about the safety and security of mobile transactions, and two public agencies are asking the federal government to intervene.

      Services like Google Wallet, PayPal, and the new Apple Pay offer...

    • 12 Jul

      If you hesitated to shop at Target after their massive payment security data breach last winter, you weren’t alone. Customers hold merchants largely responsible for security issues and blame them more than banks when payment information gets stolen.


    • 26 Jun

      When the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (Credit CARD Act) took effect in February 2010, it had an unintended impact on families in which one spouse stays home to take care of children while the other works outside the home. Household...

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    • 20 May

      Bankrate has recently conducted a survey of U.S. consumers’ payment habits amid the coronavirus. According to it, the number of Americans paying for grocery purchases with credit cards increased significantly in April and reached 46%. For comparison, this amount in...

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