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Tech Innovations Impact Consumer Lifestyles
23 Dec
There’s no question that technology has changed all our lives, but which innovations has made the biggest impact? And which ones are poised to make even bigger impact over the coming years?

Robin Raskin, founder and president of Living in Digital Times, has broken down the some of the biggest emerging trends in tech.

Everything will be digital – Credit cards and cash are both going the digital route, with more and more people being able to use mobile wallets and pay for things with credit cards on their phones. Photos, music, movies, and record keeping are all increasingly going the way of digital, as well.

Reality, only better – They’re calling it “augmented reality,” and it’s changing the way we shop, work out, and get around. Virtual mirrors, fitness apps, and toys and games that model how things work in the real world are becoming increasingly common, letting consumers model things and have a hands-on experience. Augmented reality offers an immersive experience, as well as being educational and entertaining.

Virtual reality – It’s not quite as widespread as augmented reality, due to a high price tag, a lack of content, and bulkiness of form, but virtual reality is making inroads into our lives. People may not be able to afford to bring it home, but they’re using it in stores, at events, and at friends’ houses via lower cost options like Google Cardboard and Samsung VR.

Personalized everything – Medicine tailored to your exact DNA, fitness devices and sensors made just for you, tools to help you see better and hear better, and personalized curriculums for kids: everything is becoming custom made these days. This trend will only grow, as technology is more and more capable of analyzing and predicting our personal behavior and biology.

Artificial intelligence – Machines can learn more and faster than we can, and can predict and infer outcomes better than us, too. Artificial intelligence is helping doctors diagnose and treat diseases, teachers identify at-risk students, and companies target customers and make sales.

Geomapping – Our mobile devices increasingly know exactly where we are, and can tell other people where we are, too. This can help parents find their children, or their elderly parents, and it can help us find the nearest good meal or tank of fuel. Being lost is becoming a thing of the past.

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