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Top 4 Holiday Credit Cards
25 Jan
Everyone is looking for a deal this holiday season. While the door-buster deals of Black Friday and the last minute Cyber Monday offers may have subsided, there are still ways to get discounts this holiday season. Cash back and reward credit cards can offer substantial discounts for those consumers who take advantage of them.

If you are a consumer who is looking for a holiday deal, many credit card companies are offering great sign on bonus in order to make our holiday balances a little bit smaller.

Here are some of the best credit cards to use this holiday season.

  1. Chase Freedom Rewards Card. Consumers who sign up for this card can take advantage of $200 cash back if they spend $500 within the first three months. This card does charge interest, if you are looking for an interest free credit card, there is another version of the Chase Freedom Rewards Card that gives $100 cash back, and zero percent interest for six months.

  2. Citi Dividend Card. Consumers can get $100 cash back when they sign up for this card during the holiday season. This is the perfect card for those looking to pay off their holiday bills over time, as well s those who have high interest rate balances on their cards. The Citi Dividend has zero percent interest for the first 15 months for balance transfers and new purchases. To be eligible for the $100 cash back, consumers must spend a minimum of $500 in the first three months

  3. Discover More Card. There is a $150 cash back bonus available for new cardholders. The spending minimum is a little higher than the other cards mentioned, as consumers are required to spend $1,000 in the first three months of having the card. Upon doing this, the customer will be eligible for the $150 in cash back. This card also offers six months of interest free purchases and balance transfers.

  4. Citi Diamond Card. For a certain amount of time, the Citi Diamond will be offering $200 in rewards. This is different from the other cards mentioned, as it is not cash back, but rather rewards. The credit card is also zero interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first 18 months.

The holiday season is a time of spending, and if spending needs to be done, its important to consider getting the most for your money by exploring cash back and rewards offers.

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  • To set a PIN on your credit card, you should call the credit card issuer at the number on the back of your credit card and request your PIN. After that, the issuer will mail to you your PIN. In the meantime, if you need cash, you can go to a bank office and present your credit card and picture ID.

  • Avoiding your credit card bill will do a lot of damage on your credit and you will need a good deal of time and effort to undo it. When you miss a payment, you get slapped with late fees. If you do not make a payment for an entire billing cycle, you’ll be considered 30 days past due and this will be reported to the...

  • The overall process of getting a credit card can take up to 30 business days. To know the status of your credit card applications you should contact the credit card issuer. A quick online search for the bank or credit card issuer's name should turn up a customer service phone number or email address. Banks and credit card...

  • If your security code is rubbed out, contact your credit card issuer and explain them your situation. Most likely you will be offered a replacement card. Your credit card issuer will not provide you with the security code over the phone or via email. That's for your own protection.

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