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Contact us if you are not sure you make the right choice of a credit card or when you can't decide which credit card deal will be the best for you. We can help you choose a credit card, provide some information about credit card deals we have on, or explain some credit card terms you do not understand.

However, we are not a credit card issuer and we are not a bank. We do not issue credit cards. Therefore, if you have some specific questions about the credit card you have, questions about specific transactions and so on and so forth, you should contact the credit card issuer directly.


Essential to know before submitting a question: is an informative online resource telling about the latest and best credit card offers. It does not issue credit cards or have access to your personal information or your account.

When you apply for credit cards, we redirect you to the website of the issuing bank. All the personal information in the application form is provided with full security through SSL connection.

All the questions connected with credit card management (paying credit card bills, canceling credit card or reporting its loss or fraud) should be directed to the customer service of your credit card provider.

You can find its free number on the back of your credit card or in the credit card statement.

When submitting a question, please make sure that none of your personal information like credit or debit card numbers or account number or your SSN is included.

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