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Visa offers innovative payment solutions to banks, businesses and consumers throughout the world. One of the ways Visa serves to consumers is through credit cards. Consumers can find Visa prepaid cards, secured Visa cards, store cards, gift cards, and other cards. Whether your credit is good or needs some improvement, you can find a Visa card for you.

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  • Capital Bank: OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card
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    Credit Suggested: Bad / No 
    • Intro APR Purch. (Intro Period) 0% (first 6 months on Purchases)
    • Intro APR Bal. Tr. (Intro Period) N/A
    • Regular APR 17.39% (variable)
    • Annual Fee $35
    • Application Processing Fee See Terms
    Card Features
    • LIMITED TIME OFFER: 0% introductory APR on all purchases for the first six months
    • No credit check necessary to apply. OpenSky believes in giving an opportunity to everyone.
    • The refundable* deposit you provide becomes your credit line limit on your Visa card. Choose it yourself, from as low as $200.
    • Build credit quickly. OpenSky reports to all 3 major credit bureaus.
    • 99% of our customers who started without a credit score earned a credit score record with the credit bureaus in as little as 6 months.
    • We have a Facebook community of people just like you; there is a forum for shared experiences, and insights from others on our Facebook Fan page. (Search “OpenSky Card” in Facebook.)
    • *View our Cardholder Agreement located at the bottom of the application page for details of the card
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  • Applied Bank®: Applied Bank® Secured Visa® Gold Preferred® Credit Card
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    Credit Suggested: Bad/No 
    • Intro APR Purch. (Intro Period) n/a
    • Intro APR Bal. Tr. (Intro Period) n/a
    • Regular APR 9.99% (Fixed)
    • Annual Fee $48
    • Application Processing Fee None
    Card Features
    • Better than Prepaid…Go with a Secured Card! Load One Time - Keep On Using
    • Absolutely No Credit Check or Minimum Credit Score Required
    • Automatic Reporting to All Three National Credit Bureaus
    • 9.99% Low Fixed APR - Your Rate Won´t Go Up Even if You Are Late
    • Activate Today with a $200 Minimum Deposit - Maximum $1,000. * Increase Your Credit Limit up to $5,000 by Adding Additional Deposits Anytime
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  • Simmons Bank: Simmons Rewards Visa Signature®
    Apply Online
    Credit Suggested: Excellent 
    • Intro APR Purch. (Intro Period) N/A
    • Intro APR Bal. Tr. (Intro Period) N/A
    • Regular APR 11.25% (variable)
    • Annual Fee NONE
    • Application Processing Fee See Terms
    Card Features
    • Excellent Credit Required - Applicants that do not have excellent credit will not be approved.
    • Low 11.25% variable standard purchase APR and platinum benefits.
    • No Annual Fee.
    • No balance transfer fee for balances transferred in response to this online offer.
    • Travel Rewards - cardholders who enroll in the program receive 1.25 points per net dollar spent.
    • Choose any U.S. based airline or ticket class. No blackout dates or seating restrictions.
    • Other travel related options are hotels, cruises, vacation packages, car rental, and restaurants.
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