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Credit Card eZine - News and Articles about Credit Cards

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What to do to fix your credit card deal situations


Many people attempt to live beyond their means, getting themselves further and further into debt. Debt can be a consumable thing and it can seem like it is impossible to climb out of, especially with credit card companies charging obscene interest rates.

When debt becomes too much to bear many card holders turn to credit repair companies for help. Many of these repair companies boast that they can get someone, anyone, out of debt and into a better credit score in less than 48 hours!

However, not all of these companies are legit and not everyone can be out of debt in such a short amount of time. Climbing out of debt can sometimes take years but will most likely take you months if you have just fallen into a series of late payments and over the limit mistakes. You’ll have to look around to find the best credit card deals and to stay away from those who want to take advantage of your situation!

To stay away from the bad credit repair companies you’ll first have to understand what a good credit repair company is all about. These good credit companies are those non-profit organizations who help consumers climb out of debt by teaching them to manage money better and by being a mediator between them and their credit card companies. The good repair companies seek to educate their clients, not rip them off!

These good repair companies will help you set up a budget and show you steps and hints to use discipline in your spending habits. They will help you receive the top credit card deals by legitimately raising your credit score!

A good way to see if a credit repair company is good or bad is to see if they will send you free, detailed information on their services. The good companies will because they will have nothing to hide, while the bad companies won’t because they won’t want to disclose their information and if they do it will be at a cost!

Solving your debt through a specific Debt Management Plan (DMP) is the best way to go. It doesn’t matter if you have the best credit cards, if you are far in debt you will need a plan and a DMP is the best solution.

What is a DMP? A DMP is where you and your credit card company get together with a credit counselor and figure out a way for you to repay them. Credit card companies don’t want you to file for bankruptcy because if you do, they won’t get their money! Credit card companies would rather lower your interest rates then get nothing from you at all.

The DMP will be a schedule of how you will repay your debts. It may take a while but you will be able to effectively get out of debt and achieve financial security. If you have strong discipline and know that you can do it, you’ll pay back your creditors for as long as it takes and your credit score will soon be reflecting your hard work.

Watch out for debt negotiations! There are many credit card repair companies that aren’t looking out for the best interests of their card holders. These companies should be avoided like the plague and there really isn’t a reason to use them, they will hurt your credit score more then they will help it anyway!

How do these credit repair companies work? They begin the process by telling you to stop paying your credit card companies and other creditors. Soon, they will be contacting all of your creditors telling them that they are going to try and have your debt labeled as “uncollectible.”

This will scare off a lot of credit card companies because this term may make some of them accept less money then they otherwise would. “Uncollectible’ debts often get discharged by courts, so credit card companies would rather get something then nothing!

Next, they will go to the credit bureaus and dispute all of the negative charges, legit or not! This will take off the negative information for a short time, while it is being investigated. This looks like it is an instant improvement because there is no negative info in your credit report at all!

Your credit score will improve and you’ll be happy…until the investigation is over and your negative information is added back to your report! This will ultimately lower your credit score because you will be further back then ever in your payments! It is better to not accept their offers to begin with!

Do your homework and clean up your debt the old fashioned way- with patience! Credit repair companies can be good, but they can also be harmful if you choose the wrong ones. It is better to seek out the help from a regular credit counselor and set up an effective DMP. The best credit cards online will only be paid off through time and patience.

If you just have some late payments and over the credit limit inaccuracies then it could take a few mere months to clean up your credit but if you have had any bankruptcies or any other financial disasters it could take up to seven years for you to get your credit back to a good standing!

There are plenty of helpful credit counselors out there who are willing to set up a Debt Management Plan for you- find one!

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[Sunday, December 18, 2011]
Chase Bank recently announced the redesign of its Visa credit cards - allowing more space on the front for the Chase logo. This new design is in trial mode currently but Visa has pans to roll out its new design to other financial institutions in order to increase the branding and logo visibility of the individual issuing banks.
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[Friday, October 28, 2011]
Debit and credit: they`re both plastic, why not consolidate them? The Cinncinati-based Fifth Third Bank, is the first to offer the DuoMasterCard which consolidates both a checking and a credit card account into one card.
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[Wednesday, September 21, 2011]
It really pays when you do the right thing. Take credit cards for instance, having a clean credit profile really does help. Those who managed to maintain a squeaky clean credit report during the recession can now jump with joy, as they will get some of the best deals from credit card issuers.
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