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  • 13 Oct

    There are so many different rewards offered by different credit cards now, it can be hard to keep track of what’s available. Between points, miles, cash back and statement credits, it can get a little confusing.

    But consumers are not confused about what they...

  • 1 Oct

    If you like traveling in style, you’ll be interested to know that American Express and Delta Private Jets have teamed up to offer elite travelers a new suite of luxury benefits.

    Under a recently announced partnership, Delta Private Jets is now the exclusive...

  • 13 Sep

    Chase Auto Direct is a new digital service that will revolutionize the car-buying experience, making it easier to find and purchase a vehicle with a few clicks and a quick visit to the dealership.

    Current Chase customers in select US states can use the service now,...

  • 3 Sep

    If you’re looking to transfer a balance on your credit card, you might be interested to know that the Citi Simplicity card has just won an award for best balance transfer credit card.

    Factors that put it over the top for its best-in-class status include a...

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  • 16 Aug

    Young people are behind a recent boom in credit union popularity, according to research from TransUnion.

    Credit unions, an alternative to traditional banks, have been growing at a faster rate than other types of financial institutions, and the Millennial generation...

  • 5 Aug

    Digital wallet fans with credit cards issued by Republic Bank are in for some good news.

    Customers at Republic Bank can now use Samsung Pay to conduct transactions with their credit and debit cards. Republic Bank already offered Apple Pay, but now folks who don’t...

  • 22 Jul

    When it comes to security concerns, trusting your financial services institution is key. But many Americans don’t have much faith in their banks or other financial providers, according to a recent survey by Market Strategies.

    The survey showed that 31% of American...

  • 7 Jul

    Cash back credit cards are the best and easiest way to get free money—by spending on things you’d buy anyway, you get money back. It’s like an excuse to shop. Now there’s a new cash back card that rewards people for buying groceries and filling up their gas...

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